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The Caring Together Art Journal Project

Mental health carers as partners in recovery

Wild Lands

Your pain screams across your body,
black noise in your head
I call in the light,
while you battle in the shadows

I thought I knew you but realise
………. I know nothing
This body that I nursed… bathed…grew …
Is a wild land…

I listen,
That I may learn your language,
Your rhythm,
So that one day I may return

Written and illustrated by Michelle Casserley, 2014

Cite as: Casserley, M. (2014). Wild Lands. The Caring Together Art Journal Project. Retrieved from https://caringtogetherproject.com/wild-lands/

Comments on “Wild lands”

Thank you so much Michelle, you have put my feelings and experience into words! Your poem really touched me.

Comment received on “Wild Lands” 9 January 2014


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