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Welcome – we care (free poster)

Writer & Illustrator: Helen Wilding – Download poster here

About a month ago I shared a free poster acknowledging the courage it takes to ask for help.

It’s not rocket science. I’m sure we’ve all struggled with reaching out – whether to ask for a hand with the kids, or making a doctor’s appointment, or going to the dentist. And the worse we feel, the less confidence we have, the harder it is.

Try to imagine how hard it might be to seek help if you are homeless, trying to escape a violent relationship, have taken drugs or harmed yourself, and you are scared of the reaction you might receive. Will you be judged? Will you be turned away? Will you be treated with respect? How do you know where to ask?

I hope my latest poster might help identify safe places to go, and services with a culture of respect. It’s about welcoming those who seek help with a positive attitude. It’s not about agreeing with difficult behaviours or putting anyone at risk. It is simply about being respectful and fair. Not making assumptions. Treating everyone as an individual. Caring. Without judgment.

I’m not saying it is always going to be easy, but I do believe it is a culture worth aiming for. If you think this poster could help then please feel free to download and print it for non profit use, “as is”.

I can see this poster sitting with my previous one as a matching pair on hospital walls, in doctors’ offices, in schools and homes. I hope it changes attitudes and provides strength and encouragement and signs of a welcome haven at difficult times. Most of all, I hope it encourages people to seek help sooner.

The poster is shared in good faith, as a gesture of goodwill and a way of paying it forward. It is for non profit use, “as is” without editing, and I retain copyright. If you want to use it in any other way other than the PDF provided, please ask me first. I hope it makes a difference. Please let me know if it does.

Written and illustrated by Helen Wilding, 2015.

Cite as: Wilding, H. (2015). Welcome – we care. The Caring Together Art Journal Project. Retrieved from


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