Thank you letters

Writer & Illustrator: Helen Wilding

What does a thank you mean to you?

Does it motivate you to do more? Does it make you feel good? Does it make you want to work with someone? Does it tell you what you are getting right? Are there any downsides?

You are invited to share your thank you letters and notes here – because there is just so much we can learn from them. When things are done well, people go the extra mile, or we just want to show our respect and gratitude, there is nothing quite like saying thank you.

Although we can’t include identifying information such as names of people or organisations, please consider sending us a thank you letter we can publish at, or add a comment below.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a thank you to a clinician, a carer, a relative – really it can be to anyone who has made a difference, and which has some relevance to this site. It can be as long or short as you like. You’ll see a few below.

Once it is online you can send a link to someone special saying “This is about you – I want you to know you made a difference, and I wanted to share it with other people too”. Or you might see another thank you letter that sums up what you would like to say as well – then you could send a link saying “I didn’t know the words to express what I wanted to say to you – but this is how I feel too.” I’m sure you get the idea. Let’s milk this for all it’s worth!

A “thank you” is a win win. They make the giver feel just as good as the person who receives them. How about we spread a little goodwill today?

What are you grateful for?

Read some examples of thank you letters here.

Writer & Illustrator: Helen Wilding