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This website is a collection of historical stories shared by mental health carers. It does not offer mental health advice, counselling services or any form of active support. If you have questions about mental illness please speak to a mental health professional.

Basic principles of respect, good manners and privacy:

The content of this website is often emotional and of a personal nature, as it focuses on the families and carers of people with mental health difficulties. This means that issues of respect, good manners and privacy are critical. This includes respect for different viewpoints and the people involved. Constructive feedback and suggestions are fine. Please keep this in mind if discussing the content or leaving comments.

Comments to be de-identified:

Comments will not be approved if they include any information that could identify exactly who or what you are discussing, including names of people, places, hospitals, specific mental health services etc. This comes back to respect and privacy.


The content of this website is copyrighted and each resource belongs to the original author, care of the Caring Together Art Journal Project, regardless of whether the author has chosen to remain anonymous.

Non profit use only:

All resources shared on this website may be used for non profit purposes only. If you stand to make any money out of our work, either directly or indirectly, then you will need to contact us for permission. This may include making a licence arrangement with the original author which could be fee based. 

Examples of profit making purposes are fee based training and conferences – regardless of whether these are run by ‘non profit’ organisations – who receive significant funding! If you aren’t sure about your use please email

Using the videos:

Videos may not be copied, reproduced or downloaded, but they may be played from this website for non profit purposes, including support and training. Videos are hosted on Vimeo, but we cannot take responsibility for streaming quality.

Using the stories:

You may reproduce small quotes from the stories for non profit support and training purposes as long as they are cited. Suggested citations in APA style are supplied at the end of each story. Stories may not be reproduced in full unless you have written permission. Contact:

Using the artwork:

With the exception of the clearly marked free posters, the artist’s written permission is required for any reproduction or use of artwork outside this website. Contact:

Permission will generally be given for reasonable use of a small number of images for non profit support and training purposes as long as they are cited. Fee based licencing arrangements may be necessary in some situations.

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