Video: The Lemon Book – one family’s scrapbook of coping strategies

The Lemon Book is one family’s scrapbook of ways to make themselves feel better when times are lousy – because when you aren’t feeling good it is hard to come up with ideas.

Originally created in 2009, this version of the “Lemon Book” was updated in 2016 as a 5 minute reggae inspired video – just try NOT to swing your hips along with the music as you watch and, hopefully, get inspiration to create your own book of soul lifting things to do on those not so good days!

To watch the video in full screen just click on the arrows in the bottom right hand corner. Don’t forget to turn your volume on – then enjoy!!

With the exception of conferences, this video may be shown to groups for non profit training and support purposes through this website. It may not be downloaded, copied or replicated.

Author: Helen Wilding –


  1. mereket

    I work at a psychiatric hospital with adolescents. I would love to have the kids make lemon books and wanted to inquire about permission to use your ideas as an example. Thanks. ????

    • Curator

      I think it would be fantastic if this could inspire your work with young people. It would probably be best if we get in contact via email, but as long as you weren’t printing off our work I think it would be fine. And maybe one day you could let us know how it goes, and whether it helps?

  2. anne

    Love the funky music and I always love reading the “Lemon Book”.


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