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We welcome stories from mental health carers, families, clinicians, consumers and kindred spirits – the wider the range of viewpoints the better.

Stories can be about anything that supports the aims of the Project eg understanding the lived experience of caring or working with carers, overcoming barriers to partnership, sharing coping strategies. Please remember that although we support honest discussion of difficult issues that relate to carers universally, this is not a complaints forum, and respect for different viewpoints is essential.

Please check the submission guidelines and send any questions or stories to We’d love to hear from you!

Download story submission guidelines 19 Nov 2013 (PDF)

Privacy and other things to consider when writing your story
  • All stories must be de-identified. Although we need your real name and contact details for administrative purposes, and to ensure we have your permission to publish your story, we will not share them elsewhere or put them on the website.
  • Choose a name you would like to be published under (preferably not something silly as you want to be taken seriously!) A generic first name is usually good eg “Sally” or “Robert”. (Note: the only situation where we could consider publishing something under your “real” or full name is where there is no chance of it impacting on anyone else’s confidentiality or privacy – this would be very rare, and would need to be specifically agreed.)
  • Change any names or identifying details used in your story. This includes names of individuals, hospitals and services, or anything that will obviously identify them eg description or location.
  • Consider breaking one large story into smaller stories about different subjects or experiences. You can use a different name for each if you like, and this makes it less likely anyone will recognise your particular journey.
  • Consider changing details that don’t impact on the message you are trying to share eg a girl can become a boy, or the number of children might change. Throwing in the odd red herring will help to de-identify you!
  • Try not to be angry. Although it is fine to describe and acknowledge emotions and difficult experiences, it is important to avoid blame and bitterness if we are to find solutions.
  • Don’t submit anything you think you will regret sharing (although you can contact us at any time to take it off the site if you change your mind.)
  • Be courteous and get any permission you may need to share your story. This is your responsibility.
  • Write your story assuming anyone in the world can and will read it – particularly the person you least want to! Although we will make every effort to keep your story available to members only, the reality is that anything published on the internet is vulnerable, and we cannot take responsibility for that.
What will you do with my stories?
  • Edit them if necessary – but we will not publish amendments without your approval. Don’t stress too much about grammar if that isn’t your thing – we can fix it.
  •  “Tag” them so they can be found in context with similar stories on the site eg “eating disorders”
  • Email registered subscribers to say that a new story has been added to the website –including a small extract.
  • Your story may appear in website tours – generally just in passing.
  • We will not use your work in a different context, or give permission to anyone else to use it in a different context, without your written permission.
Remember this is the internet - best efforts, but we cannot take responsibility

Please note that this Project is created by one individual in her spare time with no funding, and in a spirit of goodwill. We may not be in a position to use every story submitted.

Although every effort will be taken to look after your work, and we will not add anything identifying to it, we cannot take legal responsibility for the content or what happens to it. Anything made available on the internet is vulnerable, and it is your responsibility to be comfortable with sharing your story and making sure it is de-identified so that there isn’t a problem if it becomes public.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Helen Wilding at carerproject@gmail.comm. And happy writing!