Recovery road – science, creativity and your own kombi van

Story, artwork & video by Helen Wilding

As a medical librarian I see a huge amount of research around recovery from illness or injury, but it is often missing that individual, human element that makes life a joy. Miraculous as it is, there is only so far that science and medicine can go – and then it is up to us to discover how we can add the colour to our lives.

I made this 3 minute video in 2014 for the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery Research Week Art Competition (now there’s a mouthful!).  The theme of the competition was “Science in Art. Art in Science”. To me, that summed up personal recovery beautifully.  But how to explain something that I see as a process of change in a static piece of work?

I grabbed my daughter’s camcorder, propped it tentatively over my trestle table and got to work on my canvas. This is the result. I’d love to hear what you think!

With the exception of conferences, this video may be shown from this page for non profit training and support purposes. It may not be downloaded or copied for use elsewhere.

Please comment. I’d love to hear if this video makes a difference.

Story, artwork & video by Helen Wilding –


  1. Doofus

    Watching this video in my pj’s at 7.30 on a Monday morning and a tear came to my eye knowing that I have the strength to look after myself and enjoy the sunshine today. Thanks Helen, it is a beautiful video.

    • Curator

      I’m so glad you are feeling strong and enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully there will be much more to come as the end of winter draws near 🙂

  2. nelliemay

    HI how can I gain acess to view videos? I have viewed them before but sometimes (when mental illness is back) I like to revisit.

    kind regards nelliemay

    • Curator

      Hi Nelliemay – I hope they should work now. I think the problem may have been connected to the login. Can you please give it another go? Thanks for letting me know. Helen


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