The Caring Together Art Journal Project

Mental health carers as partners in recovery


Current free posters

Every so often a new poster is shared here for a limited time. Non profit use only and conditions apply. Please let us know if they make a difference!

Pay it forward - a free poster (2012)

There have been some incredible kindnesses shown to me during difficult times. I have been sent beautifully wrapped care packages from friends overseas. I have been invited out to dinners …

It takes courage to ask for help - free poster (2015)

Seeking help takes strength and a great deal of courage. It is something we should celebrate and respond to. Above all, we need to show respect to those who have made that leap of faith by asking for help …

Welcome - free poster (2015)

I hope my latest poster might help identify safe places to go, and services with a culture of respect. It’s about welcoming those who seek help with a positive attitude … Caring. Without judgment …