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The Caring Together Art Journal Project

Mental health carers as partners in recovery

Learning to push the pause button

Do you ever feel you have been through the same conversation a thousand times? And had exactly the same outcome?

Who would have thought it was so hard to stop for a moment before reacting? Or is that just me?

I’m trying very hard to pause and think for a moment before saying anything – mainly because my automatic reaction seems like something out of a scripted play. When I stop, at least I have some chance of making a less predictable response.

I had to laugh when my teenage daughter saw this though. She said “You know how you’re learning to push the pause button?  Well I’m just learning to push buttons!”.

Written & illustrated by Helen Wilding, 2013

Cite as: Wilding, H. (2013). Learning to push the pause button. The Caring Together Art Journal Project. Retrieved from https://caringtogetherproject.com/learn-to-push-the-pause-button/


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