Coping strategies – ideas to get you started

Be prepared – the Lemon Book and the Stress Box

It really helps to be prepared for stressful times. The Lemon Book (think “when life deals you lemons …”) is one family’s scrapbook about things that make them feel better. You might like to make one for yourself. The Stress Box is a collection of goodies that make you feel better or give you a laugh – like massage lotion, aromatherapy, favourite books and farty jelly … What would you put in your own Stress Box?

Check out the Lemon Book

Make a Lemon Book

Make a Stress Box

Ban loneliness

Sometimes you just have to talk to someone else – blurt your thoughts, have a cuppa and, most importantly, have a good laugh. There is nothing quite like spending time with someone who knows what you are going through.

Lunch therapy

Call a friend

Go on a date

Pay it forward

Pay it forward

Contact support services

Soothe your mind, body and soul

Finding a way to calm your mind for a moment is a wonderful skill to learn. Even 15 minutes of inner peace can help you get through the day.

serenity square


Do a guided meditation

Have a bubble bath

Imagine somewhere else

Beach therapy

Take a nap

Read something

square music

Music for the soul

Get creative

Having something special that you enjoy doing is important – and you might be surprised where a new hobby can take you.

Visit Helen's art blog

Visit Helen’s art blog

Waiting room hobby

Waiting room hobby

Colour a mandala

Colour a mandala


Crochet a granny square

celebrate lemons

Draw the lemon tree!

Start your own art journal


Art play

Make a quilt

Chocolate chip coookies

Bake chocolate chip cookies

square music

Music for the soul

Move your body

Whether you are an exercise junkie or not, moving your body can be an amazing relief and make you feel so much better. If nothing else, don’t forget that little four legged companions will love you forever if you take them for a walk …

Get some exercise

Learn to tap dance

Bring out your inner child

Whether or not you have kids, these are great fun. Remember the olden days when people used to sit around playing cards together or laughing over a daggy board game – rather than playing them alone on an ipad?

Play Mario Kart

Blow bubbles

Play a card game

Play with farty jelly

Play with farty jelly

Declare a Pyjama Day

Play a board game

Change the way you do things

Sometimes there is nothing else to do but to try a new approach. That takes confidence, support and a positive attitude where we focus on strengths and problem solving rather than looking backwards.

square strengths

Focus on your strengths

Think positive

Passing notes

Pass notes to communicate

Find your mojo

Saying goodbye

Say goodbye with a smile

We all make mistakes

Accept mistakes

square Passing-notes-2

Write a letter


Respect yourself

Sitting with things I can't change

Learn to sit with things


Accept things

pause button

Push the pause button

The lighthouse

Be a lighthouse keeper


Bend like the wind