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When life deals you lemons – get out and draw them

I was being a bit of a sook one day, and I decided that I really needed to start doing what I preach (and which I know works for me) … namely get my pencils out and start drawing.

I plonked myself down in front of mum’s heavily laden lemon tree (yes, life really does love to deal us lemons!) and started to really look at it in detail. I looked at the shapes of the lemons (really not so perfect as you’d think). I looked at the shadows, the bugs crawling across the leaves, and the ways the branches criss crossed over each other. I slowly started to draw, and colour, and wash the paper with bright watercolours. I finished it off with white gel pen, loving the lazy luxury of filling in the letters.

In the process of concentrating on the shapes, and the colours as they changed in the light, my stress completely left me.

And, as an added bonus, I have to say I really love having this drawing in my journal … pity I did it upside down though!

Written and illustrated by Helen Wilding, 2013

Cite as: Wilding, H. (2013). When life deals you lemons, get out and draw them. The Caring Together Art Journal Project. Retrieved from


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