Case study by Dr Margaret Leggatt

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Together we could have done better: a case study by Margaret Leggatt illustrating weaknesses in the care of people with a mental illness when concerned family carers are excluded

Prepared by Margaret Leggatt, formerly EO of the Schizophrenia Fellowship of Victoria (now the Mental Illness Fellowship). 2011.

This paper illustrates situations that could be vastly improved if mental health clinicians worked together with family carers, in the care of their relative with an ongoing mental health condition. The manifestations of mental illnesses like schizophrenia can turn family members against each other – a circumstance which is often further exacerbated by inadequacies in our mental health services. The paper illustrates dilemmas faced by clinicians, family carers and people with mental illness, but it also details positive research findings from many studies over the last number of years that show how these dilemmas can be overcome.

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Author: Dr Margaret Leggatt | Illustrator: Helen Wilding


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