Carers Week 14-20 October 2018 – free poster

Oct 13, 2018

Last week the call went out “Helen, are you making a poster for Carers Week this year?”. I respond well to people noticing things I do (or miss them when I don’t) so last night when I got home from work I pulled out my paints and started to play. Be warned – it’s BRIGHT!!  But then maybe that’s something we need in our lives – a bit like those precious paintings from little kids full of rainbows and smiley suns – or is that just our household?

As usual this free poster, which you can download by clicking here, will only be available for a limited time – until the end of Carers Week 2018 or whenever I get around to taking it down. The point is that we remember and celebrate a special time of the year – so you need to get in quick and download it if you are interested. Of course it is for non profit use, but I would LOVE to hear if you use it. If you don’t want to comment here you can always zip past my Facebook page and say hello – 🙂

Download poster


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