Carers Week 2016 (free poster)

Writer & Illustrator: Helen Wilding

[This free poster by Helen Wilding was shared for Carers Week, 16 to 22 October 2016. The download was withdrawn in January 2017 but signed prints of the 280 Strengths painting without the watermark are available from]

Here is this year’s traditional Carers Week poster which is shared only for a limited time. You can download it by clicking here. Usual conditions apply – non profit purposes only of course, and please print it “as is” without any editing or cropping. Otherwise please enjoy and share with those special people in your lives!

I painted this poster a few years ago now, and wrote a story about why it mattered to me. If you are interested you can find that story here.

Please take a few minutes to log in and leave a comment if you like the poster. I am unsure about the future of this website and its continuing relevance, so if you would like it to continue I really need to know. Hearing from you makes all the difference 🙂

Enjoy – I would love to hear where you put the poster up.

Best wishes, and all the best for a wonderful Carers Week,

Helen Wilding

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