Why include mental health carers as partners in recovery? A silent movie with paper dolls …

Writer and Illustrator: Helen Wilding

To me it seems bizarre that this question keeps being asked – but it does. So I have cut to the chase and created a short, 2 minute, “silent movie” to explain why it matters. I hope my little paper dolls and smileys (some contributed by my daughter) help to prove my point 🙂

This video made its debut appearance at the first Mind Community Conference in 2014. It may be shown to groups through this website for non profit training and carer support purposes. It may not be downloaded or copied.

Please comment. I would love to hear whether this makes a difference.

Author: Helen Wilding – http://helenwildingart.com


  1. Doofus

    Great video. Love the uplifting music.

    • Curator

      Thanks Doofus (!!!). I love the music too – brings a smile to my face!

  2. nelliemay

    Hi Carer,

    that gave me a big smile your comment about finding the silent movie within hours, Like minded people striving to get the message across also putting out in the universe works well and we will, don’t they say that plodders win in the end?

    I have my first gig talking to nurses I am talking about children of parents with a mental illness, keep your fingers crossed for me. This is something I am passionate about.

    cheers nelliemay

    • a carer

      Best of luck with your talk – my fingers are firmly crossed for you!

  3. a carer

    Hi Nelliemay – well mental health reforms consistently talk about including carers, so it should be happening. I suppose we are still in the educating stage, so that people understand why it is necessary, and to also understand that including carers does not have to impact on privacy. There are many ways to include carers and enable them to offer support – and to strengthen relationships, which is surely a part of recovery. I am not working with the Austin Hospital, but a few years ago we did collaborate on the Feedback Slideshow which is on this website. Many services throughout Victoria and elsewhere have arranged to use that slideshow and other parts of my work for training with staff, to encourage partnerships. I’m really glad you like my work – and pretty impressed that you managed to spot my new little video within hours!

  4. nelliemay

    Hi Helen this is something we have been knocking on the door to achieve for the past 5 years, so good to see you have taken up the cause. Great when we can achieve this as a matter of course.

    I am interested in the work you are doing with Austin hospital, I think it is around working with staff.

    Is there any way I can have an over view of what is happening?

    Love all your new work and the news letters. Your site never gets boring.

    warm regrds Nelliemay


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